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About my reviews

by Sander Krogsether

I’ll put it like this: Rarely am I unhappy with the sharpness of a lens or a camera sensor. Or with the vignetting and corner sharpness of a lens. What I am often unhappy about is the usability and joy of use of different photographic equipment. And that’s why my reviews are mostly about usability, practicality and most of all: fun factor.

Of course do I consider picture quality as well. As any other semi-interested photographer out there, I’ve spent many a moment on DxOMark checking the sharpness, dynamic range and ISO of my (upcoming) gear. But usability is the keyword in my house. I want my photographic gear to inspire me to shoot. To scream at me: “Take me out! Hang me around your neck! Shoot with me! Put your eye to my viewfinder! Spread my aperture wide open! Mount me on one of those mirrorless cameras! Please! Please!”.

My best photos were taken with cheap gear

What I consider my best photos ever are not taken with the best gear in the world. They are taken with gear that made me happy while I was shooting. In several instances that gear was some old, worn down equipment I got for half a slice of salami at a thrift store. And I can guarantee you, in some cases, my opinions on gear will differ greatly from yours. That’s why you should take all my reviews with a grain of salt. My reviews are simply my personal opinions on the photographic gear I try out – and therefore not to be trusted blindly.

The photos in my reviews

Another thing to talk about are the photos you’ll see in my reviews. Hopefully you will like them. Because I will be putting effort into taking great photos that make the gear shine. And in many ways the final output will be the biggest proof of whether I enjoyed myself with said gear or not.

No memory card close-ups

What you won’t find on here are flat boring photos, a billion 100%-crops at different ISO’s and close-ups of my biggest, baddest memory cards. I will do my best to make the photos look great. That also means, more often than not, that my photos will be post processed to some extent. I don’t like over editing my work, but I’m often drawn towards high contrast black & white. So you will see a lot of that.

Leave this website if…

… you want a technical review. If that’s the case, feel free to jump ship and go some other place. Like the formerly mentioned DxOMark. Or DPreview. Or Photography Life. Or any other big site. They are all way better than me at testing the technical quality of optics, sensors and anything in between.

But stay here…

… if you want to hear the biased opinion of an opinionated street photographer who is very picky about what gear he shoots with. Stay if you want to know what gear makes me inspired. If you want to hear about gear that has amazing usability. Gear that is well thought out, to the point where it feels like an extension of yourself. If that sounds cool you should check out some of my reviews.

There you have it. And like Bruce Gilden would have said: “Take it or leave it”.

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